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Eaton Compressor on Finding Quality Electric Motors

Eaton Compressor knows better than anyone else how daunting the process of choosing the appropriate air compressor can be. There are just so many options to choose from!  The average consumer is especially at a loss—it’s so difficult to find straightforward, user-facing information about it. That’s why Eaton has put together a series of guides for consumers who are intent on finding the perfect compressor for them.


Eaton Compressor knows that electric motors are perhaps the most critical part of the air compressor. You want a motor that is high quality, durable, and easy to repair. So it’s important to know what you are looking for when you purchase a compressor. If you are evaluating the right criteria, you will be able to ensure that you are receiving a top-quality product.


Eaton Compressor thinks that it is important to keep an eye on quality materials. A cast iron frame, for instance, is a must-have for any long-lasting, durable compressor motor. For solidity, balance, and reliability, cast iron is always the best bet. Furthermore, in addition to being of higher quality, cast iron motor frames also ensure that your compressor will be more efficient and quieter.


Eaton Compressor also suggests that you look at whether the compressor is “severe-duty” rated or not. What does this metric mean? It is a good indication for how well the compressor will stand up to the workload you’d be putting it through – especially in rigorous industrial environments.


Eaton Compressor also advises you to ask whether the compressor you are considering has a high-RPM or low-RPM motor. If the answer is high-RPM, you might want to reconsider. Consumers should always target a compressor with a low-RPM motor because it will be more powerful, more efficient and last longer. Furthermore, you should only buy a compressor if its motor is NEMA compliant with a premium efficiency rating.


Eaton Compressor also recommends to consumers that they should always be sure to get a TEFC motor (that is, totally enclosed and fan-cooled). Otherwise grime, dirt, and moisture will build up inside the motor, which will affect performance and longevity.


Eaton Compressor only uses the highest quality materials, low-RPM motors, and NEMA-compliant designs. You should only buy a compressor that meets all these qualifications. If you don’t, you are setting yourself up for cost and hassle down the line.


Eaton Compressor has some more parting words of advice. Only buy compressors with name-brand motors. Otherwise, you’ll be hard-pressed to find replacement parts and will pay a premium price for them.


Eaton Compressor hopes you keep these issues in mind as you start researching your compressor. Don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson directly about these issues—you don’t want to be saddled with a low-quality compressor. At Eaton Compressor, we only use the highest quality materials and designs—and our customer service can’t be beat. Want more information about us? Visit our website or call us at 877-283-7614.
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